Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Delorean Second Pass

Second pass.... well, not really. I am making a concerted effort to learn more about lighting in Max. Fortunately I found out that the materials that I originally created worked pretty well (But they could be a lot better. :D) Who knew what a little lighting could do to help out a render? Go back and look at the older delorean post and see for yourself how much it improved. Well its really early and it is time to pass out!


Graphics Janitor said...

hmm, how much would it kill you to up-rez some of the mesh here :) There are some very harsh transitions around the door and the seats that distract from the attention to the car's design.

I think the car's body needs to be built using turbosmooth or another sub-D process.

It looks like you've already UVd in detail and textured and that would be a lot of extra work :( It would be worth it, however!

Graphics Janitor said...

Car body material: not bad as is, but I found something in a forum that might add a little to it:

Using Mental ray renderer:

"You can use mia_material shader with brushed metal preset"

There should be an arch. materials preset in there for brushed metal.

Or, dump the model into bodypaint later :) max sucks at rendering anything.

Just some random thoughts.

Stevo said...

Noted. Thanks for the information.